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Weekend with the parents

This past weekend I made the dreaded trip back home to the parents’ house. It’s not as bad as it seems I only live about half an hour away so I go home once or twice a month.

This time the reason that I went home was that my dad got a new Jeep. A Jeep Rubicon to be exact. That has always been on of my dream cars for a couple reasons.

  • Great for Offroading
  • Perfect car for the summer in southern California
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Rugged And Awesome looking car.

One of my favorite features of the Jeep Rubicon is the ability to accessorize it. Ok I get it now I’m sounding a little bit like a girl. Its not quite fair girls are allowed to accessorize their clothes with bracelets, piercings, necklaces etc. Now luckily for me I can help to accessorize a Jeep.

Even though it is my dads’ I’ve already been driving it for a couple days and have everything that I want to do to it all planned out. First off the front bumper needs a winch and some bright spotlights.

When I first heard of my dads Jeep I came home and invited my friend James over who also owns a Jeep. James is the owner of Pool Service Upland and is a great childhood friend.

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How 40 Grit came to be

All right, so here it is my First post. So I have wanted to start a site for a while and its finally here my first (real) post. For those of you who know me my ideas bounce off the wall from time to time. Some may say I am crazy and others may say I’m brilliant.

So here it is as I was thinking about what to write for a little explanation about my self I first thought that I would explain how I got the name 40 grit.

When I was about 8 years old we had just moved houses and being an eight year old boy I was very interested in just about everything that my dad would be doing.

Our new house was a major upgrade from the last and the coolest thing about it was that there was a tree house in the back yard. Well, not exactly a tree house because it wasn’t in a tree but that’s just what I called it. It was more like a fort.

It was in pretty rough shape with cobwebs and spiders all over the place. I was eight not afraid of the spiders so I cleaned it all out then this is where my dad comes in. I knew that he had some power tools and I wanted to be just like my dad. So I was scared to use them myself and I asked him how to use them and he gladly showed me.

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