Weekend with the parents

This past weekend I made the dreaded trip back home to the parents’ house. It’s not as bad as it seems I only live about half an hour away so I go home once or twice a month.

This time the reason that I went home was that my dad got a new Jeep. A Jeep Rubicon to be exact. That has always been on of my dream cars for a couple reasons.

  • Great for Offroading
  • Perfect car for the summer in southern California
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Rugged And Awesome looking car.

One of my favorite features of the Jeep Rubicon is the ability to accessorize it. Ok I get it now I’m sounding a little bit like a girl. Its not quite fair girls are allowed to accessorize their clothes with bracelets, piercings, necklaces etc. Now luckily for me I can help to accessorize a Jeep.

Even though it is my dads’ I’ve already been driving it for a couple days and have everything that I want to do to it all planned out. First off the front bumper needs a winch and some bright spotlights.

When I first heard of my dads Jeep I came home and invited my friend James over who also owns a Jeep. James is the owner of Pool Service Upland and is a great childhood friend.

One of his passions has always been Jeeps along with running his own company. For as long as I can remember he has had his trusty old Jeep that we have taken to big bear and anywhere else there is some mud that we can drive through many times.

This Jeep has brought new joy to my life and I will enjoy it for many years to come. One other new thing that I learned this weekend is that the doors can come completely off of the hinges. I always knew that this feature was available with a Hummer but never on a jeep.

If you live in the area and ever want to go off-roading with James and I hit me up here. Even if you want to just go dirt biking I’m always down to ride as well.

I will post some pictures here of the Jeep as soon as I can!

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